Monday, June 8, 2009

Karma for a Douchebag

I didn't watch the Tony Awards last night, so I'm wondering why on earth Bret Michaels and his hairy band was even performing? (If you ask me, when I think of the Broadway greats, the band "Poison" and the song "Unskinny Bob" just doesn't come to mind). Perhaps that's why sweet Karma made an appearance in the form of a giant billboard with the words "BROADWAY" that came crashing down on Brett and his ridiculous Ed Hardy too-tight rhinestone tee shirt, bandana and straw cowboy hat (always appropriate attire for a formal awards show).

Note to the stage crew: You might want to disenfect (or burn) the curtain that almost sawed Brett in half. And if any blood was shed, Haz Mat suits are in order.

To see Brett bite the big one click on the video below. (You may have to replay it several times to savor the sweet revenge that comes from being a world class douchebag).