Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It was 25 years ago today.....

Parker just emailed me that today marks the 25th anniversary of the original "Live Aid." Our first thought, naturally was "Holy crap, are we that old?" But, then we remembered the excitement that came with being a 15-year old and getting to watch a 10-hour marathon (with commercials of course) of live 80's icons rocking out in front of moving images of naked, African starving children with distended stomachs and flies circling their faces.

I don't mean to sound like an old fart, reminiscing about days of yore, but Live Aid was really a revolutionary idea back then. Somehow they were able to film live music happening both in London and in Philadelphia (oh the technology). And Phil Collins actually got on the Concord and flew across the planet so that he could perform at both concerts within an 8-hour span (making the Moon Landing practically obsolete).  Speaking of technology, Parker still has a VHS copy of "Live Aid" lying somewhere in her garage (most likely covered in anti freeze). While she was taping it, she hit the "STOP" button when commercials started and then start recording again when the show came back on. This was almost technologically impossible at the time (practically an art form) proving she had the editing skills of a young Steven Spielberg. 

I also taped Live Aid (actually I think it took 8 separate VHS tapes, because my mom would only buy the cheap generic 2-hour long tapes). What I haven't ever told anybody is that when everyone was out of the house I would play back the video of Madonna singing "Get Into the Groove" about 400 times, memorizing her every move and her later copying her amazing wardrobe of floral jeans, long brocade jacket, bejeweled broach an ginormous hoop earrings (which I purchased at Contempo Casuals for about a ninth of the cost that Madonna probably paid!). For those of you who were still in diapers in 1985 (or god forbid still a sperm floating around in your daddy's scrotum), here are some pictures proving just how amazing the 1980's were:

Here's Madonna, working it out in above said amazing outfit. I also colored my hair the same ratty-auburn/brown-crazy homeless lady color. Also check out the hot guitar player in the Ray Bans behind her. Who could resist a musician in a three-color-tone oxford and an a-symmetrical pompadour?

I love this picture because I think Bob Geldolf and Bono are both amazing. And who would have ever guessed that George Michael was gay?

Freddy Mercury: a musical genius. But can someone tell me why his band mates didn't get together and form an Orthodontic Intervention?

Lionel Richie: proving that Yes, he always has been that annoying.

Princess Diana, David Bowie and that guitarist from Queen, all in the same photo? Priceless. But not as priceless as that elderly lady in the background wearing the heavy metal striped wife-beater tee shirt with a pair of pearls.

Parker found her "Live Aid VHS" - which although not tainted with anti-freeze, looks about as old as the Shroud of Turin. It's a good thing she kept that Thompson Twins concert on tape as well- you never know when you might get a honkering for the "classics."

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