Saturday, May 9, 2009

MMMMMmmmmm Bacon

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In the wife's defense, she was probably about to start her period.

Thank god Tom doesn't take inventory of our food, or he would have most certainly called the Fuzz after discovering the half eaten bag of Kettle Cooked Lay's BBQ Chips (I'm not a big chip eater, so I would've totally denied it) that I vacuumed down while watching "A Perfect Storm" at midnight on HBO the other night. Is it just me, or do movies that seem great in the theater somehow manage to exponentially suck more and more with each passing year? ('Armageddon', 'Pearl Harbor', and most other Ben Affleck films come to mind).

I remember seeing "A Perfect Storm" in the theater back in 2000 and thinking it was edge-of-my-seat-exciting (I also left the theater uber-impressed by George Clooney and Marky Mark Walhberg's amazing portrayals as fishermen with a taste for danger -but hearts of gold). Funny, nine years later while shoveling down a bag of chips, I found myself screaming "Turn the God Damn Boat around SMARTIES!!!, " at least 50 times and, at 2 a.m. when the movie was finally over, muttering to myself "More like 'The Perfect Shit Storm' ". In my defense I was cranky because I was just about to start my period. Bacon.

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