Monday, December 22, 2008

Note to Celebrities: "Exhaustion is not Fatal"

I was just watching the E! channel and the top story was about Samantha Ronson ("Celebrity DJ/Lover of Lindsay Lohan") being admitted to Cedars Hospital for "exhaustion and stress." Wahhhh. Poor Sam! Gosh, I hope she'll be okay! 

I wish I could go to the hospital when I was tired. I would have a frickin wing named after me if I had to be admitted every time I suffered from  exhaustion or stress. Because I can only imagine the toll it must take on poor Sam Ronson with her grueling  job as a DJ, which basically involves going to a club, drinking Red Bull and plugging in her iPod into a giant speaker. Of course she's not the only celebrity to be admitted for exhaustion - it seems to be a recent fad among celebs. Funny, you never hear about garbage men or a clerk from Ross Dress for Less being rushed to the hospital for exhaustion and stress. You know why? Because when they are exhausted, they drink a coke or take a nap. At least that's what I do. Peace Out.

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Jenn said...

Must be nice! I just got off a 13.5 hour shift and am doing it again tomorrow with co-workers who work more than I do who are just about to mutiny on the whole bakery. I'd love to check into a mental hospital for something outrageous like "My chapped hands are making me sad" or "I really could use a nap right now."

Maybe this chick just wants time away from Lohan, and since when has she been a lesbian?