Monday, December 8, 2008

Party like an (old) Rock Star

I don't get out much these days. My social life pretty much peaked at the age of 21 - however I am always excited at the chance to dress up and hit the town every 3-6 months. Last Friday Tom and I attended a rather large gala in LA. Of course for weeks I sweated over what to wear. Despite the 15 or so black cocktail dresses that currently hang in my closet - all are sleeveless or capped sleeves and because my arms are currently the color and consistency of marshmallow creme, none would do. At the last minute I found a simple, sophisticated black wrap dress (with long sleeves) which I paired with a clunky but trendy funky black jeweled necklace and some shiny black pumps. Extra bonus it was marked down and a heck of a bargain. Got my hair done and put on more makeup than I have since my Cyndi Lauper days back in the 80's. 

Feeling more attractive than I have in years I sauntered into the party (where I was meeting my husband who was already there) like I was freaking Charlize Theron at the Oscars. As I entered the lobby I thought I might have stepped into a time portal and accidentally happened upon the set of "Dynasty" circa 1983. Everyone there was 60+, the men were in tuxes and the women (or should I say "ladies") were dressed to the nines in furs, and full length gowns of sequins, feathers and diamonds. There must have been a sale at the Nolan Miller store (does Nolan Miller still even design dresses?) because I've never seen so many glamorous Joan Collins clones in my life. 

OK - get a grip I told myself. Sure, you're majorly  under-dressed in your clearance bin black wrap dress but your hair looks fab and you are a good 20 years younger than 90% of the crowd. I put on my "air of confidence" persona, grabbed a flute of champagne and meandered about as if I belonged. 

Hoping to get at least a glimpse of a celebrity of days gone by (can I get a Red Buttons or an Ed McMahon up in here?) I was happily surprised to catch a glimpse of Peter Gallagher (from "The OC") out the corner of my eye. At least all was not lost. Later, as I stood in line at the Rack of Lamb station, I recognized the distinguished voice of Julie Hagerty (stewardess "Elaine Dickinson" of  'Airplane' fame, and who most recently played Ryan Reynolds hysterical mom in "Just Friends). We chatted a bit as we waited for our lamb - she was as sweet as could be in her full link fur, and it took every bit of will power not to spit out a bad "Airplane" reference (like "Joey, have you ever seen a grown man naked?"). 

I ended up having a great time (thanks to my hubby Tom and some great champagne). Met some fabulous people and for a brief moment even felt like I could have been Sammy Jo Carrington amongst the Dynasty crowd. 

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