Friday, January 23, 2009

Obama Palooza

Like most people, I'm excited about Barack
Obama's presidency.  I'm all about change and hope, yada yada yada. But note to America: he's just a man, not the second coming of Jesus. If I see Montel Williams hocking that ridiculous full-color Barack Obama Presidential Coin collection one more time, I'm going to lose it. And let's get real, Barack is a handsome dude but those coins are an atrocity. Check out the first coin where Barack is all happy and then he has a gold grumpy George Washington head attached to his shoulder. It's like that bad 70's movie "The Thing with Two Heads" where Rosie Greer plays an accused criminal (described as a "black soulbrother") who gets a "White biggot" head attached to him (see clip below - it is wonderful 70's greatness and way overdue for a remake staring Will Smith and Gene Hackman). But I digress.

 Then today I turned on the news to discover that you can now be the proud owner of the Sasha and Melia Beanie Babies dolls and the coup de gras: The Obama Chia Pet. Water it and Barack's green Afro gets bigger and bigger. I'm sorry but that is truly a heinous product - it looks like the love child of Shrek and Gary Coleman.

Lastly, is it me or did anyone else think it was odd that during the Sunday Night pre-inauguration concert, which included just about every musician under the sun, one of the key note speakers was Kal Penn, the guy from "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle"? Sheesh, at one point I expected Scott Baio and Willie Aames to come onstage and introduce Skid Row. WTF?

The Thing With Two Heads (not unlike the Obama Coin with two heads)

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