Friday, February 4, 2011

Time Email from 2004

Yesterday, after going through all the email on my main server, I found a file called "Funny Emails". It was like opening a time capsule to August 2004 (almost 7 years ago).... here is a portion of the email back and forth between me and Parker

To Val:
From Parker:
Hi cutie, how are you? We went to Sushi and then watched "Cold Mountain", which I really liked except I couldn't get past Nicole Kidman's perfectly botoxed face. I was happy however to finally see a decent movie in our media room after a bunch of stinkers. DW didn't like it so much but then again his favs are Police Academy, Zoolander and Undercover Brother. I want to see Elephant, it is a high school Gus van Zant Sundance movie based on the Columbine Shootings. 

I am so overwhelmed right now I feel like I have been gone for two weeks on vaca and I am just getting back. I am also going to have another cancellation this week so I will be the big loser again. Write back when you can, I know this email is so thrilling. I am too beaten down to be funny.

To Parker
From Val:
 Sorry about the work slump, cutie. At least the new Fall Season is starting, so there will be some new t.v. shows to make fun of. My kids  can't wait to see "Joey" so I have that to look forward to. I spent most of the weekend playing on my new computer. Tom was really mad at me for getting an Apple and on Sat he spent all morning cursing at the computer and saying aloud  "This computer  Sucks! Why would anyone get an Apple?"  Sunday he finally got it figured out. I'm like because an  "Apple E-Mac" is a bad computer,  Whatever, it's not like I went out and bought an 8 track player. 

Yesterday I got out all our old videos from the camcorder we purchased  a few years ago and figured out how to make movies on the computer. I put together a montage of the kids doing karate, riding bikes b-day parties etc... and put it to the music of Pink's "Let Get This Party Started." Is it Spike Jones or Val?

Also yesterday we took my son and his 3 best friend bowling for his  b-day. As pathetic as it is, I actually had fun, even wearing the kids size 4 cutie bowling shoes. We also went out for Pizza. It was a  crazy-ass trailer-trash b-day extravaganza.  

I assume you missed Casino last night. It wasn't that great, except that a porno star was making the moves on the best man/brother of the groom, while his girlfriend/bridesmaid watched. Then his ex-girlfriend was in the wedding as well, and trouble ensued as all the skanks vied  for his attention. Finally his girlfriend went upstairs and packed and left while bestman/brother walked sadly down the hall in his hideous groom attire, which looked like Bugsy Siegel meets Huggy Bear. (Long  tails, 1950's mafia hat with white satin stripe, etc...) Have you seen the promos on MTV for a new reality show called "Laguna Beach?" It follows young spoiled rich kids who live in Laguna as they go to the beach (and do it), surf then get drunk) and whatever else it is that teenagers do these day (be lazy and mooch off their parents.) I will be watching it like a hawk circling over a dead rabbit on the road. 

Wow - talk about a blast from the past, I remember when Cold Mountain came out and as Parker said, Nicole Kidman had not a wrinkle on her face. Let's be real, if any one of us were living in the circumstances that she did in Cold Mountain, we would all have deep dirt-encrusted wrinkles, butter-colored teeth, black circles under our eyes and shag-carpet head hair. I can almost guarantee you that if we took a time machine back to the Cold Mountain days - we would be hard pressed to find anyone over the age of 17 with a Nicole Kidman-smooth face. Parker wasn't kidding about DW - to this day he still loves and quotes "Undercover Brother" - but then again,  who can resist a 1970's themed movie starring Eddie Griffin and the talented Denice Richards? 

I am also amazed that my kids were excited to see "JOEY" of course they were only 6 and 8 at the time, so its not as if they are going to sit through an episode of NOVA. I love how my husband hated our first Apple computer and just 2 nights ago he looked over at me while perusing his iPad and said "God, Apple is so great!"

I don't even know what "Casino" was (but clearly I wasn't talking about the classic Martin Scorsece flick). I think it was probably an early reality show and most certainly a huge waste of my time in 2004.

So here we are seven years later, now we have both Nicole Kidman's forehead, are still complaining about work, still watching crap reality (but both of us have really curbed our reality addiction and are both completely off the gossip magazines), and still making fun of anything we can think of.....

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Jenni said...

Wow! 2004. Remember tv back then? Friends was just about to end, Sex and The City was still on (I think) and Reality TV shows on MTV were about to hit an all time low. That feels like so long ago! I was just graduating from high school then.
But now I'm rambling...It's nice to see you two ladies back on the blogosphere! I hope you two are well!