Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Douchebag of the Week: Mystery From "The Pickup Artist 2"

I was flipping through the tv channels (a favorite pastime of mine) and came across this doozy of a show on the ever-classy VH1 network. The truth is I saw some of it the first time around (when it was called just "The Pick Up Artist") but even I couldn't sit through an entire episode (this coming from someone who has Rock of Love Charm  School on DVR series record). You can imagine my surprise when they brought this douchebag back for a second season. I don't care how thick our beer goggles were - at no point in our lives would this guy have had a chance in hell of even making eye-contact with Parker or me. How he is an "expert" at landing the ladies, I'll never know. I'd rather hook up with Woody Allen suffering from a flaming case of herpes then give "Mystery" the satisfaction of "picking me up"

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Jenni said...

Ah, yes, another winner in the advancement of respect for women. Not only are we sex objects for men to oggle and fondle and mess around with, we're also fragile creatures to be manipulated and picked up.

Thank you, VH1 (and MTV, oh, and FOX), for giving women everywhere role models and views to attain to.

Whatever happened to sit-coms? And when VH1 was music and not "pop culture"

I promise I'm not a huge feminist. Just a believer in the non exploitation of women by weird looking douches.