Monday, October 20, 2008

I am McGruber

By now you've seen/heard all the hoopla about Sarah Palin being on Saturday Night Live this weekend. It was great - especially when  Amy Poehler did the Sarah Palin rap. Amy Poheler is sooo pregnant I thought for sure her water would break mid rap. 

I've been a fan of SNL since it first aired back in 1975. No matter that I was six years old and didn't understand half the humor, I've stuck with it through thick and thin (except during the mid-80's thru early 90's when I actually had a social life). But, of all the skits shown last Saturday night, I'd have to say my favorite is the MacGruber skit (a take off of the Richard Dean Anderson 80's vehicle "MacGyver"). I love his reaction when he checks his stocks, which was almost a mirror image of me checking my 401k on the Internet every day last week. When MacGruber turns to armed robbery and heroin thanks to the economic crisis, I could relate:



Lisa said...

I laughed my ass of when they guy handed over his Casio watch to MacGruber. My husband had one of those fabulous time pieces way back when I met him. I always made fun of it. To this day he swears I threw it away. I don't remember doing it but it's a possibility!

Val and Parker said...

Yes - the "Casio" watch that his dad had given him was hysterical. I wonder if it was they kind that told time AND had a calculator? Also, that wig that guest host Josh Brolin was wearing was to die for.