Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My "To Do" (probably) list

Every morning I crawl up on the bathroom sink, usually in bra and underwear and put on my makeup. Today it really hit me that my stomach could be the Doppelganger for the Pillsbury Pop n Fresh dough, just after you explode that package with the back of a spoon. As a result I promptly tucked my stomach back in my panties and enrolled in a Pilates class. It starts 5:30 am, a time I pray when the rest of the OC ladies are still in their beds recovering from drunken dragged out bitch fights or recovering from their surgery de jour.

After Pilates, I will go straight to work where I will no doubt moan and groan for a straight 8 hours and maybe even hit up my cubicle neighbor for  one of her muscle relaxers for her back.

What better way to end a day by sitting at hone with a bottle of wine and the first two episodes of Tori Spelling's new show. Don't ask me what the fuck it's called, no time to care..although I'm guessing something like "Its No MysTORI.... My husband is a gross fat cheat."  Yeah, he's a real keeper,

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Jennifer Good said...

Hey guys! Didn't realize you were back. Hope you are peachy!