Monday, September 14, 2009

He's Like the Wind: Goodbye Patrick Swayze...and Goodbye Tavern on the Green

A sad day indeed. Sadder even that once the news broke, Parker and I each simultaneously raced to our cell phones in order to see who could text each other first. As Parker put it, it's a clear sign of immaturity when you go into panic mode because your phone has froze up and you are in a desperate race against time to tell your best friend that Patrick Swayze has kicked the bucket, not because you are sad, but only because you don't want to lose the latest round of "Death Watch 2009". Frozen phone or not, Parker beat me to the punch by approx 10 minutes. Kudos Parker.

Back to Patrick. It's never funny when someone so young (57) dies such a horrible death. Patrick deserved better - despite his endless chain of cheesy movies throughout the years. In the 80's when many girls thought he was worthy to grace the covers of "Teen Beat" and "Bop" magazine - I sternly disagreed (being a die-hard Rob Lowe fan). Nevermind, that Patrick was in his late 30's when he made that horrible (sorry) movie "Dirty Dancing". Wasn't he breaking all sorts of laws by seducing a 16 year old in the Peekskills? And her name was "Baby" - total yucko. By the way...don't even get me started on the movie "Ghost". I think I vomited in my mouth during that scene at the pottery wheel with Demi Moore. Then of course there was his stellar acting in such classics as Roadhouse, Point Break and Red Dawn. Bad acting aside, Patrick was a true 80's icon. Rest in Peace Swayze.

On the heels of hearing of Patrick Swazye's demise, Parker got the horrifying news that NY fine dining staple, Tavern on the Green is closing it's doors for good. While Parker and I love to frequent fine dining establishments, she has been there, I have not. So here is Parker's email regarding her one-and-only experience at "Tavern on the Green":

The one and only time I went to Tavern on the Green, I was with my dad in NY for an NBC affiliate convention. I was 19 and the people at the Four Seasons hotel thought I was my dad's hooker-girlfriend - not too gross. I had huge hair and wore an orange silk dress with a giant gold leather belt (does that sound hooker like?) when we went to the restaurant an my dad totally let me drink whatever I wanted. Later, I told Tom Brokaw that he was my "Hero" - not too embarrassing. Also this was the year they introduced "Seinfeld"and Jason Alexander totally tried to pick me up and I was completely disgusted. I remember thinking, "Get lost short bald man: my heart belongs to Tom Brokaw."

Val & Parker

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Jenni said...

I think you forgot "To Wong Foo: Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar"

What a terrible year for celebrities. All dying so young. If Andy Rooney died, it would be like "Well, he's 100, what did you expect?" But with Patrick Swayze, it's just depressing.