Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"I Was Made for prison"

As a pop-culture junkie, I just had to comment on the following stories:

Leif Garrett was just arrested for (wait for it)....heroin possession. This is like the umpteenth time he's been arrested for the same thing. Sheesh, lab rats are able to learn faster then poor Leif. Of course when I heard the news, the fist thing that came to my mind was "How can he even afford heroin?" My husband makes a pretty good living and I have a well paying job and I'm pretty sure even I couldn't afford a raging heroin addiction. Leif hasn't worked in 30 years and I've got to think the residual money for his hit song "I was made for Dancing" and the cameo he did on CHips (as a juvenile delinquent on roller skates - oh yes I saw it) has run dry by now. He's certainly no looker so I'm guessing upscale male prostitution is out the door. Then again, Leif was arrested at the Metro station in downtown LA, so he probably doesn't have to worry about pesky incidentals like a car payment or even a mortgage payment for that matter. You can plan on catching Leif in Season 4 of "Celeb Rehab".

I pride myself on the fact that I've never seen an episode of Jersey Shore. However, I feel like I've seen it 24 times over because those obnoxious bastards are everywhere. They were even invited to the Grammy's for god sakes. If you ask me, Leif Garrett should have been invited before those Oompa Loompas (at least he had a hit song once upon a time). Then yesterday I hear that nude Snooki photos may be leaked. Lord help us -what is it with these young girls and their nude pictures? In my teens I would have rather gone a year with cystic acne and my head shaved than take a nude picture. Doesn't anyone have any self-esteem issues anymore? If you ask me, today's youth has too much self esteem. Maybe if Snooki's mom had dropped hints about cutting down on pickles and Kit Kat bars, or told her that her "Poof" was to big and her skirt was too small, the world wouldn't have to hear about nude Snooki pics.

Lastly, someone just purchased this bronze sculpture for $104 MILLION dollars. And while I appreciate art as much as anyone (I even have a minor in Art History), I can't even fathom dishing out that kind of dough for anything let alone a sculpture of an anorexic dude, with the uber-imaginative name of "Walking Man 1". Does this mean there is a "Walking Man 2"? God, I wish I knew who bought this (the buyer is anonymous) because my life's mission would be to get myself invited to their house for lunch and then walk into their foyer and trip over that sculpture, breaking it into a million little bronze pebbles. I'd then give my Erkel surprise face and say "Did I do that?"


Lisa said...

Leif's sister was child actress Dawn Lyn who played Dodie on My 3 Sons, maybe she's been footing his heroin tab since her career lasted a tad bit longer than his!

Val and Parker said...

The fact that you know that Dodi is Leif's sister is supper scary - but then again I think I also knew that deep in the back of my mind. And while I (sadly) immediately knew who "Dodi" was (missing teeth and all)I can't believe you actually know her real name. You are a true pop culure junkie.

Val and Parker said...

Also, I can't believe I spelled "Super" wrong.