Friday, February 19, 2010

Who Says Valentine's Day Isn't Romantic

D.W. and I had a fabulous NY vacation planned for Valentine's Weekend. Here's what happened instead:
I woke up the day of our flight and the first words out of my mouth were "Oh Shit." A winter storm had moved in, dumping the largest amount of snowfall in Dallas history. Two inches were predicted however when all was said and done it was 12 inches plus. We briefly considered changing our flight but Southwest said our flight was 'on time' so we decided to buck up and go for it.

As we walked on the plane, the flight attendant told us there were only middle seats available, I mumbled, "Really? $800 for a ticket and I can't sit next to my husband." I turned my head from side to side looking for the least offensive middle seat. Each person was literally obese or had a child on their lap and often the combo of the two. Not that I don't love kids, I just don't want to sit on a petri-dish plane next to one for hours. I was actually elated to discover two seats together on the very last row right in front of the toilet. We soon learned that we were 10th in line for de-icing and then told that were moved back in line. WTF, is Jack Bauer on the plane behind us and must go first or the terrorists will win? Meanwhile I was seated next to a lady who wasn't obese or with a snot-infested child; it was worse: she incessantly asked questions and I realized I was sitting next to my mother's doppelganger. At this point the captain let people deplane if they chose to, and DW and I couldn't' get out fast enough. I bid adieu to "Nancy 2" and my plans for a NY getaway.

At this point, completely f...ed off, if I wasn't going to NY, then neither was my luggage. I did my best Oscar performance complete with welled-up in tears and told the gate agent I had seizures and have my medication in my luggage. He reluctantly took my bag tags and had our wet luggage retrieved from the plane's belly. I felt like one of the girls form the bachelor who, in case she didn't get a rose, has to pack all her shit and instead of going to some remote island to make out with some bachelor tool, is doing the walk of shame. Of course instead of getting in a limo, DW and I had to exit in a white airport parking van idling outside baggage claim.

We picked up our precious Boykin Spaniel headed home, made chili and watched 12 inches of snow fall. With a sinus infection brewing I felt like Christmas had been cancelled. In hind sight were were lucky. At least we had electricity (many of our friends lost it during the snowstorm), and besides honking my nose all day is now way to be fabulous and romantic in New York city.


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Jenni said...

Seriously, it is ridiculous that you pay that much for a ticket, plus fees, plus paying for bags and you can't even get a friggin seat with your companion.

I had to work V-day and when I got home my boyfriend was preparing 9 courses of small plates. Which were all excellent. We were full by the 7th, so we saved the last two for Monday, because we both had no work.

That being said, I am currently annoyed at him for failing to follow simple directions on a box of Annie's Mac and Cheese; when I specifically asked him to follow them carefully. So I ask you, do these petty arguments -EVER- dull as time goes by? Or do they just get worse. Just wondering if I should learn to hit the bottle now or later down the road.