Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Email of the Day: "Bad News Bear" indeed!

To:  Val
From: Parker
Re: Tatum O'Neal

Did you hear that Tatum O'Neal tried to say she was researching for a role when she got busted buying cocaine? When I got arrested for shoplifting at the Tucson Mall at age 14 I should have said I was researching for a role in "Little Darlings".

To: Parker
From: Val
Re: Tatum O'Neal

No- she retracted that and is now saying she bought the coke because she was mourning her dog who died like 3 weeks ago. She also said she was still sober and had not used up until this point. And I'm Shiloh Pitt and my ass cheeks are made of pure gold. When my 17 year-old dog dies you better watch out because I will be scrounging the streets in search of meth.

Speaking of "addictions", I was watching "Intervention" last night and they had a lady on who was "addicted to exercise".  Granted she also hardly ate and looked like she was 100, but hook me up with that addiction. Clearly I  have the opposite affliction.


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