Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Reality Roundup"

I tried to watch the Democratic convention the other night, but was gagging through most of it (I am a staunch conservative while Val leans a little more to the left - we somehow remain best friends). I was especially disgusted when Hillary said that John McCain had claimed that "women shouldn't get equal pay for equal work." Umm, I am pretty sure he never said that Hillary.

What I did notice was that even in High Definition, Hillary looks so much better than she did in the 90's. Seriously, a stylist has for sure gotten a hold of her - perhaps Ken Paves? Some serious money has also been spent on Chelsea who had major Breck Girl locks. I think they may have even had her back lit. After zoning out on Chelsea's new highlights and wondering when in the hell her hair got better than mine, I decided to check out "Exiled" - the latest reality show on MTV.

"Exiled" is a show where they take the bratty kids from "Sweet Sixteen" (you know, the ones who always got a BMW and a visit from Jay Z at their over-the-top obnoxious birthday parties) and send them off to a third-world country to experience how the "other half" lives. Val told me that she had watched it with her kids and was totally hooked. Within minutes of watching I began to get angry with MTV because I knew this show, just like “The Hills” is completely staged, but still I proceeded.

Once the girl arrived in Africa, she had to help the tribe make a make a hut out of cow dung and walk 13 miles to get some cows water, (
she passed on the dung building). She also watched a woman kill a goat and eat its fresh kidney. I couldn't’t help but think,  someone get that woman a ticket to Fear Factor - she could kiss her dung hut goodbye.

I am pretty sure even in my adult life where I have to work really hard for all I have (although a bit spoiled by Daddy Warbucks) I would not in million years touch a steaming pile of dung and I would have hurled having to watch someone eat a raw goat kidney. And, while I would attempt the 13 mile walk, I would have started hallucinating after five miles while talking to myself and wearing my pants on my head.

I also noticed there is new show on MTV called Paris’ BFF because I am sure the winner of this show is going to be Paris’ BFF forever, uggh.

Next on to Bravo (the home of all good things) for “Million Dollar Listing.” All I can say is I can only hope and pray the housing market has sent these douche bags into a tail spin. The guy with the Liza Minnelli hair kills me. His hair gets flatter to his head every episode as if a bucket of water was just dumped on it. I keep hoping a hurricane like gust of wind will occur sending his hair and all its product in the other direction, making him run in horror and hide his face. I am also pretty sure his vapid girlfriend thinks she is on  “The Hills” and does not yet realize she is on a different show. One of the “realtors” sold a home and made a $300k commission and said “whoa that was stressful” to which I yelled at the TV “because making $300k shouldn't’t make you stressed.”  I guess after making $300k he figured he could spring for a shiteous red bow that he placed around the new owners home.

Mmm I wonder what goodness is on tonight?

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Jenni said...

Awwww, come on! Democrats aren't too bad. I'm allowed to say this because I don't know what the hell I am, but if my die hard Democratic to-the-core uncle knew I'm somewhere in the middle, I'm pretty sure he'd throw a fit. The convention, which I watched with said Democratic uncle on vacation, wasn't too bad...But I kinda was over it when Obama's wife was through talking....

What is it with politics that separates people so strongly?

Anyway, I also caught a few minutes of this Exiled show this weekend, and was pretty tickled to see these girls in tears, crying for daddy and Chanel. Actually, I delighted in it. It's more entertaining than beating them over the head with a heavy object and screaming at them, condemning their life of spoiled privilege at the tender age of 16. It sounds better than Supernanny. But I swore to myself at a 'young' age that I wouldn't succumb to things like MTV, diets or fashion magazines, so I probably wont let myself see the stupid girls get what's coming to them.

I sort of wish I caught Hilliary- Even my uncle said she was full of herself.