Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'll Never Complain About My Thighs Again

I will never complain about my thighs again (at least for the next week). Has this woman's legs been injected with Jello gelatin and coagulated Crisco oil? I look like Kate Moss circa 1992 compared to this lovely temptress.   (You may want to turn down the volume so you don't have to listen to the accompanying krunk rap song).


Jenni said...

I was going to comment with the express purpose of scolding you for making fun of fat chicks, but..those legs are UNREAL!And I hate that people with that kinda body are so PROUD of it. I mean, if you're really overweight and love yourself anyway and have good self-esteem (and have the good sense to be aware of the health risks)(I'm currently reading a Jen Lancaster book, so I'm feeling for the fat chicks now), that's one thing, but to be like this chick is....I don't know. Are you sure she doesn't have that thyroid problem? some people have that problem where their legs are HUGE.

I don't even know where I'm going with this. I'm torn with the whole fat people thing. But this youtube video is ridiculous and makes me want to say stuff that might sound like I'm racist. x.x

Lisa said...

OMGGG! What do I even say? I'm a big gal myself but I'm Twiggy compared to her, does not make me feel better one bit. Do we admire her for her self confidence? or cry for her because you know that inside she really would rather not be this way?