Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Reality Roundup: Rock of Sickos

I started to watch "Rock of Love Tour Bus" on Sunday night but after one of the girls started pretend performing fellatio on another girl while onstage with Brett, I had to turn it off. A glutton for punishment, yesterday I turned on my DVR and attempted to watch the rest of it. Holy Shit, what happened the night before was nothing compared to the rest of it. Long story short, Brett and all his skanks were in a bar and one girl lies on the bar (SPOILER ALERT: She is panty-free) and another lovely lady announces she is "horny" and proceeds to do a slippery-nipple shot from panty-free girl's va-jay-jay. Obviously, VH1 couldn't even show the logistics and I'm not even sure myself how that might work, but needless to say it might be the most disgusting thing in reality television  history (yes, even more disgusting than when that big fat girl took a dump on Flavor Flave's classy purple carpeted staircase.) I still have the episode on TIVO, but seriously if my husband Tom catches me watching it, he might just file for divorce (and I don't know if I'd blame him). After watching that "whore show" (misspelling intended), I think back to everything I ever did in college and realize that I was a god damned saint. 

On a lighter note, Sanjaya's album drops in 2 weeks! The cover art is to die for. But, if I'm being perfectly honest, I can't wait for American Idol, because I cannot watch another episode of "Rock of Love Bus: Chlamydia on Wheels."


Jenn said...

Isn't Bret Micheals getting a little too old for this? His family must be SO proud.

In other news, that cover looks like it was thrown together by his biggest, gayest fan.

angelsroy33 said...

I may not be the brightest bulb, but PLEASE put Sanjaya,(or however you spell it,) out to pasture. I cannot take anything more with him, Clay Aiken,or the other guy from last season with the dreads. I mean are you kidding? It's an insult to the real talented people on there;Kelly Clarkson,Carrie Underwood, and my personal FAVORITE (who I LOVED,but I know he isn't a commercial sucess,) Taylor Hicks.And as for Brett Michaels,-oh-no-he-didnt-do-another-stupid-show-but-we-all-keep-watching,---he's laughing all the way to the bank! Who is the smart one there?So I refuse to watch ANYTHING even closely related to him. Thanks for just letting me vent. I'll shut-up now.