Friday, June 12, 2009

Maybe I'm Not Such a Bad Mom After All

Sometimes instead of making dinner I tell my kids to "Make themselves a bowl of cereal." And on occasion I will scream at them because their room looks like it's been hit by Hurricane Katrina, but in retrospect I could be a worse parent. Here's proof:

I've been tempted, but have never duct taped my baby (and a a stuffed chick) to the 
wall in lieu of hiring a baby sitter.

Never once (not even during the toughest of times) did I cart my children 
around in heavy traffic in a collapsable rolling cart

I've never taken my kids to a Swap Meet wearing a "Certified Muff Diver Instructor" tee shirt. (And, to the best of my knowledge, neither has my hubby, Tom)

To date, I've never dressed up either of my kids as a topless mermaid.

When my daughter turns 12 later this year, I will NOT have a Playboy themed birthday cake. (We are, however having her party at Hustler Casino and passing out lingerie for party-gifts)

Ok, this shirt is great and I would totally let my daughter wear it. Does anyone know where I can get one?

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