Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P 70's and 80's Icons

Today is a sad day for anyone who came of age during the 70's and 80's. I literally have a command center on my couch keeping track of the Farrah/Michael Jackson deaths. Not since Anna Nicole passed away have I been so glued to my television and computer.

This morning I was confronted with the sad news that Farrah finally passed away after a long battle with anal cancer (yikes could anything be worse?) Farrah will always be known as one of Charlie's Angels and for her perky nipple poster (which hung on by  brother's floor to ceiling corkboard wall - so very 70's). However my fondest memory of Farrah was her amazing role as Holly in the cult classic "Logan's Run" - seriously she should have gotten a fricking Oscar.  I think I've seen "Logan's Run" at least 6 times over the years, because really, who can get tired of a movie who's plot revolves around a society that executes everyone once they reach the age of 30? I remember Farrah in her futuristic sparkly outfit with her soft airhead voice and thought she was "the bomb". 

As I left work I heard that Michael Jackson had passed away of a heart attack. Like most people, I agree that Michael was a freak, but god love him he was a talented freak. Unlike my children, I remember Michael as a black man, amazing dancer and great talent. I also remember doing the "mime in a box" dance to his "Off The Wall" album outside the school pod in 4th grade. The sparkly glove, and red leather jacket were a way hip in a lame but cool sort of way. I'd have to say that my favorite memory of Michael was his shy but lovable portrayal as the junkyard Scarecrow (with a Reeses Peanut Butter cup wrapper on his nose) in The Wiz (R&B's answer to The Wizard of Oz). His rendition of "Ease on Down the Road" with Diana Ross and Nipsy Russell kicked ass. 

So, to Farrah and Michael, I saw Rest In Peace. May the two of you do the Moonwalk, followed by a round of Battle of the Network Stars, and share your hair secrets up in Heaven. And may Ed McMahon greet you with a "Heeeere's Michael and Farrah".

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angelsroy33 said...

I will really miss them too. I have great memories of both. Some the same as you,...there will never be another like either of them. How sad a day it is. Strange you brought up Anna Nicole,...I really liked her, and knew people made fun of her,(and me for liking her,) but she just seemed so wacky and just plain lonely. All any of us want is to be loved, liked, and remembered well. I will for all of them.