Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm An Idiot: Turn OFF the TV

I feel so ashamed and dirty - kind of like I danced in my bra on a bartop at a biker bar after too many shots of tequila. 

Why? I did the unthinkable (ok, it was actually quite thinkable): I sat through the entire 2 HOURS of "I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Outta Here" last night. In my defense my husband was totally enabling me the entire time. While he usually shames me into changing the station during the worst of the worst reality shows (i.e. Real Housewives of Anywhere or Celebrities on Ice) he actually sat next to me throughout the entire show and at one point (during Spencer Pratt's tantrum over Heidi's self-labeled dry shampoo) said, "Geez, I might even start watching this show." 

I don't want to spend too much time on this crapfest, because if we pay too much attention, Heidi and Spencer "win" (in the world of shameless PR) and we can't have that. Today it was revealed that the two (clearly the most obnoxious people on the planet) couldn't handle being so far away from the Chateau Marmont's patio bar and their selection of hair products and are on a plane back to LA. Way to stick  it out for charity a**holes. All I can say is when they return I hope Spencer gets a "five star" ass-kicking.

Thank god for Janice Dickinson and the two crazy Baldwin brothers (as Daniel Baldwin will be replacing Spencer) because unless someone has a jungle meltdown real quick I am totally tuning out.


angelsroy33 said...

I HATE 'Speidi',and I won't waste one second of my life reading, watching, or paying attention to anything that those two misdirected,ignorant,idiots have to do with. I hope they become bankrupt somehow and we could watch that! Now that would make me happy.(Tee-hee.)

Anonymous said...

How dare you insult the Chateau Marmont by insinuating that they are even let in the building (they are not)! Plus they have a no-creepy-flesh-colored-beard door policy.

Shawna said...

you know I almost wanted to watch it because I would love to see horrible things happen to both heidi and spencer, but I couldn't let myself fall victim. I figure whatever quality things I miss out on I can always see on TMZ or you tube.