Saturday, December 5, 2009

(The Final) Tiger Watch

I promise this is the last post about Tiger (unless his wife murders him with a golf club, then all bets are off). But seriously, he seemed like such a nice guy. Who knew he was a sex maniac who would put David Duchovny and Hugh Hefner to shame. And can someone explain to me why his ex-lovers all of the sudden need lawyers? Of course my favorite tidbit is the revelation that he likes to "do Ambien" before sex. Really, "Do Ambien"? Ohh Tiger, you are a madman. Is it Tiger Woods or Mick Jagger in the 1970's? Because nothing says "wild and crazy" like popping a sleeping pill before doing the nasty. I've never had an Ambien (surprisingly) but imagine if I did I would be asleep in seconds with tossled hair and a river of drool leaking out the side of my mouth. Tiger, if that makes you hot then more power to you I guess. Meanwhile, your cute blonde wife is a freaking saint for not cutting off your nuts while you sleep.

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