Monday, January 18, 2010

Anderson Cooper is Superman

Last night I turned on CNN right as the above clip was airing. (By the way you may need to click the "Close" button in the upper right hand corner to get rid of that annoying ad in order to see this hearbreaking clip). My first thought was "Why does that poor little boy have paint all over his head?" And then when Anderson Cooper swept in (without regard to his $200 Dolce and Gabana tee shirt) and carried him away, I realized it wasn't paint but was blood and I immediately began to cry. Some bastards where throwing concrete off a building and this poor kid was hit in the head - because he didn't have enough problems already. You have to give Anderson credit however for putting a person in need ahead of his job (and coming off looking like a hero to boot.) On the other end of the spectrum, a few days I saw one reporter shove a microphone into the face of a woman who had just been pulled from the rubble and he seriously would not let up. If I had been that woman I would have told that reporter to shove his 3 foot microphone where the sun don't shine and asked for a bottle of Aqua Fina.

Although Parker and I are bitchy, sarcastic gals who write about Pop Culture and weight gain after 40, we are both deeply affected by this tragedy. Sure, last Tuesday when the earthquake hit and we didn't realize the magnitude of it, our first thought was "I hope this news story doesn't preempt American Idol." One thing is for sure, when you see a 2-year old child being pulled alive from the rubble after 5 days, or a doctor telling a mother that her 5 year old daughter's leg will have to be amputated, it puts things into perspective. Suddenly the Bachelor rose ceremony or Snookie's Jersey Shore hot tub romance seem downright disgusting.

In the meantime, we have donated money to both the Red Cross and Jean Wyclef's charity. I am also gathering gently used shoes and bringing them to Sports Chalet who are going to distribute them to homeless people in Haiti next month. I even convinced Parker to send me a box full of old shoes - so if you happen to catch a Haitian lady in a food line wearing a pair of last season's Gucci stilettos, you'll know where they came from.

And while I know we don't have a ton of readers, our hope is that if you are able to give something at all to help out that you will. God bless the people of Haiti.


Elsisi said...

I saw a reporter interviewing an American woman who had been pulled from the rubble after hours of being trapped and was waiting on a plant to the US. He asked her what she was thinking while she was trapped and she said "I was hoping I'd die quickly." I think that should have been his hint that she wasn't in the mood to be on TV.

Andee Weinfurt said...

I seriously feel a kindred spirit to you guys. I literally just posted to my own blog minutes ago about Haiti's hard to make fun of people when this is going on. Love this blog more and more, and thank you for posting. That being said, Elsisi, your comment made me laugh out loud. Is that wrong?