Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Idol Gonna Knock You Out: Thoughts on Idol, Star and Fat Asses

RE: Idol, Star, etc....

I voted for David Cook last night although I know "Archie" will win. Yeah us! Now we get to see his winning personality and gift for gab all over the news for the next week. God, I hated David A.'s choice for the songwriting competition -  it sounded like track #12 off a Christian Pop Rock CD.

Also, what was up with that crazy boxing analogy? Is it Mike Tyson or David Archuleta? Those shots of them hanging down by the pier (as boxers often do) and the quick "360-degree" camera angles where ridiculous. 

Last night as soon as "Sorry 2000 lbs" Ruben came out, this alarm in our house went off. It sounded like someone put a firetruck smack down in the middle of our living room. It went off intermittently for a good 45 minutes until we tracked it down some bullhorn device in the air vent. Tom (I mean McGyver) eventually disassembled the device, thank god because my heart practically stopped beating every time it went off. Plus it made me miss Ruben's song and dance (sans dance) in front of the hokey Idol montage. I hate it when an alarm you didn't know you had goes off!

Here's a preview of this weeks upcoming Scrumpdedelicious STAR magazinze. You are right - between the STAR, the premier of "Living Lohan" and Denise Richard's show "Its Complicated" (because it IS complicated) this weekend seems more like Christmas than Memorial day.  I soo love when magazines do that beach body shit. Because Reese Witherspoon really does deserve a "worst" vote. I'm surebert. 

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