Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Seizure Walls and Shoulder Pads

Found this picture of us in my room circa 1986. A few thoughts come to mind:

  • Holy shit that wallpaper is loud. How did I not wake up and have a seizure Every Single Day? To make matters worse (or better?) the wallpaper had tiny white braille-like bumps on it.  Not only was it the most hideous, seizure-inducing, LSD-inspired  wallpaper of all times, it also was in 3-D. Although the Picasso in the background does lend a hint of class to the "Timothy Leary" motif. Thanks mom.
  • Ummm, could our hair be parted more to the side? Seriously our parts practically start at the ear. Was this an attempt to make the tops of our heads appear larger? Good, because it worked. 
  • Shoulder pads much? Were we going to a party or to substitute as linebackers for the Phoenix Cardinals? It's not as if I needed to add any extra padding to my frame back then, but what can I say, I was slave to fashion.
  • Eyebrows or Fuzzy Caterpillars? You be the judge. (posted by VAL)

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