Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Email of the Day: January 4th, Save the Date!

To: Parker@Don'tEmailMeAtWork.com
From: Val@ChristmasTimeSucks.com
Re: Rock of Love, TOUR BUS!

As much as it kills me to say this, I know I will get sucked into the venereal vortex knows as "Rock of Love
Tour Bus" which starts January 4th. Sure you think you are above it, but check out the pics of some of the contestants and you know you want to watch this skank fest. I think my favorite is "Samantha" (the girl doing the karate kick). That takes some cojones, plus she might be the only one with real breasts (meaning she will be the first to get kicked to the curb at some bus depot in Cleveland). For your consideration I give you the following amazing - and classy contestants:

Kelsey: She looks like my daughters best friend (who is 12) Does she even know what "Poison" is. Does she think she is on the Jonas Brothers Tour bus?????:

Jasminev (pronunced S-L-U-T): from the neck down, she and I are body-doubles:

Nikki (naturally that's her name). What the f- is wrong with her head? She looks like a Bobble-Head/Blow-Up-Doll hybrid. Also she looks very unclean:

Samantha (I saved the best for last). I've already nicknamed her the "Karate Cougar":

To: Val@ChristmasTimeSucks.com
From:  Parker@Don'tEmailMeAtWork.com
Re: Rock of Love TOUR BUS!

I am sooo watching this. 

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Jenn said...

This makes me really sad for both male and females everywhere. Let's hope they get STDs and die, stat. }:)

......Boobs that big and fake can't be good for your back. But maybe it balances you out when.....nevermind.