Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ummm, What Were We Thinking?

Back in the 80's I loved Bananarama. Mostly because of their English accents and their chic hairstyles. That's right, I thought their hair was the shit. Siobhan (the blond with the short hair that looks like it got into a catfitght with a weedwacker) was my favorite. Anynostalgia, I was tickled when posted a link to this video for their 1984 "hit" Robert DiNiro's Waiting. I used to love this song - clearly my 15-year old judgement was impaired by too much skunk weed and Bartles and James Berry-flavored wine coolers. In retrospect, I'm thinking this isn't such a great song after all. I'm pretty sure Robert DiNiro was never waiting for them (or speaking Italian). The words are ludicrous and the blank stares on their faces make me wonder if Robert DiNiro slipped them a Ruffie? 

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