Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An Open Letter To US Weekly

Dear US Weekly:
This has got to stop. Do Heidi and Spencer have a contract with the devil in exchange for publicity? Better yet, do they have incriminating photos of your editor-in-chief smoking crack with the Two Corey's? Why else would you continue to perpetuate the notoriety of a couple whose main accomplishments in life include the ability to stop, drop and pose for the paparazzi at the drop of a dime (and use their brief stardom to get free plastic surgery and hotel rooms in Cabo San Lucas?) They won't even pass out split pea at the LA soup kitchen unless a photographer is present.  I'd rather read a years worth of magazines with David Schwimmer on the cover than have another god-damned Heidi & Spencer non-story cover delivered to my house. The economy is in the shitter, people are losing their jobs and homes. Please don't reward this deplorable duo any more. Their time has come and gone, for the love of God make it stop.

Kindest regards,
Val & Parker



angelsroy33 said...

OMG, I could'nt agree with you anymore. I DESPISE these two 'things' more than anything. I absolutely refuse to buy anything with them on the cover,....EVER. Thank you for this post,...thank you,thank you, thank you!!!

Val and Parker said...

Your welcome Angelsroy33. We would actually send this letter to US Weekly, but shockingly they don't post letters. Hmmmm, wonder why?