Friday, August 21, 2009

Back Where I Belong (in front of my TIVO)

After an exhausting and very busy past week and a half, I am happily back where I belong: on my couch catching up with a weeks worth of TIVO.

Last weekend, Parker and I met up with a few other high school friends for my "Pre-40th girls weekend" at a resort in Arizona. Although we had a blast, getting together with old high school buddies only reminded us that, clearly we aren't in "High School" anymore. We sunbathed, had pedicures, drank and ate and were in bed by 10 pm every night. Our most exciting adventure might have been the friendly bond we formed with our driver, "Luiz." Luiz picked up Parker at the airport on Friday (in a white Lincoln with Cartier interior). Luiz was (for lack of a better word) our "bitch" (and personal photographer) for the weekend. He drove us to and from all of our shopping/restaurant destinations and after a few cocktails, "Luiz" started to strongly resemble a Mexican version of John Stamos. Henceforth we (I) began to call him "Juan Stamosa." Lucky for me - I'm pretty sure he took it as a compliment. Meanwhile, Parker made the mistake of making small talk with him about his personal life, which I think Juan Stamosa took to mean "I want to be your sugar mama." When he showed up at 6 am to pick up Parker for her early-morning hangover flight, he wearing suit and a crap load of Axe body spray. And although I'm sure Parker (with her Alice Cooper eyes and tequila/dragon breath) was tempted to leave D.W. to live a life-long fantasy life with Luiz the single-dad Lincoln Continental driver from Mexico city, she somehow managed to resist his lady killer ways and returned home to Dallas.

Surprisingly, we did not get a picture of Juan Stamosa, but we did take a few pics of us trying to relive days of yore (unlike our high school days, we would be sound asleep in our beds watching CNN a few short hours later). Parker is the one blowing kisses at the $80 bottle of Silver Patron tequila, our friend Christie (who has no inner censor when it comes to blurting out politically incorrect random statements) is hiding behind the ginormous bottle, and I am the one inexplicably sucking my thumb.

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