Friday, August 21, 2009

VH1 Does it Again

This story broke last week, but I had house guests and no time to put my sarcastic spin on this tragic story. Amazingly, I have not seen an episode of "Megan Wants a Millionaire" on VH1 (which has really gone downhill ever since they canceled Flavor of Love), but I have heard about the contestant who is on the lamb after being accused of murdering his "model" wife and I have a few thoughts:

Unless "model" is code for Internet porn star, then I'm sorry but (deceased or not) she is no Linda Evangalista. This poor girl was found in a suitcase sans fingers and teeth and was only identified after the coroners officers were able to match up the serial numbers on her breast implants. Clearly her ex-husband/reality contestant/millionaire (?!) is a sadistic nutcase and so I say, "Kudos to you VH1! You really know how to pick the charmers for your sophisticated reality shows." Don't they have screeners for these shows? Call me crazy but any guy who his insane enough to dismember his ex-wife and throw her in a dumpster behind Knotts Berry Farm most certainly has a rap sheet - or at the very least probably wouldn't pass your basic psychological test.

Vh1 actually showed some scruples and canceled the remaining episodes of Megan Wants a Millionaire. Oh how will the viewers ever sleep at night not knowing if Megan will find true love? Is it wrong that I sort of wish it was Megan who was found in the suitcase?

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