Friday, August 7, 2009

Who Buys this "Sh*t"

Over the past few weeks, I keep seeing an advertisement for a (not so) revelutionary product called "Latisse" which is some sort of drop that you rub in/on? your eye to promote Eyelash Growth. God, how did the world ever exist without this product? More importantly, aside from spokesperson Brooke Shields (ka-ching), who in the hell would ever buy this product? Have they not heard of mascara (and the art of applying multiple coats to create the look of extra eyelashes)? Not to mention the "fake eyelash" which can be purchased at CVS for the rock bottom price of $6.99.

My question was answered yesterday when Parker sent me the following email:

Dear Val:
I would only tell this to you but I went to my dermatologist for a facial peel and ended up asking for a prescription for Latisse. My sister in law says it works amazing and makes it look like you are always wearing fake eyelashes. Of course it was $100 per tiny, tiny (like less than an ounce-sized) bottle. It better frickin work - Is it a vial full of heroin/liquid gold/water from the fountain of youth or Latisse? By the way, don't tell DW.

First of all, the chances of me and Parker's husband "DW" conversing about her beauty regiment are about as likely as me being asked to pose in Playboy. Secondly, I immediately responded by telling her that now I know "who" would actually fall for that product and that I would definitely have to blog about her "vain eyelash desperation" and that I could think of about 4,000 things I would rather do with $100 than purchase an eyelash-growing elixir.

Meanwhile I'll stick with my Maybelline Great Lash and use my $100 for something necessary like a years supply of "Fat Girl Slim" Cellulite cream - which I'm sure will melt away my cellulite in 2 weeks - just as promised.

As for Parker, I would love to see her next week when we meet up for our girls weekend, looking like this:

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