Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shut up Chrissie Snow

Yesterday I was at Borders and in the "Best Sellers" section, I came across this dandy book:

I've really had it with High School educated celebrities trying to be experts in fields where they don't belong. Here's a "news flash," Suzanne Sommers, you are a has-been actress not a Guru so please don't try to sell us a book on how to cure/prevent cancer.  God forbid, If I ever get cancer, the first place I run to will NOT be the library to search under "Author: Suzanne Sommers" for advice. Given the choice, I'd rather take advice from a crack addict on skid row then succumb to the wisdom of someone known for playing Chrissie Snow on "Three's Company."

I realize that Suzanne is into health foods (but so is acclaimed Interrogative Medicine Doctor Andrew Weil, who's book I would read) and that she has probably done some research (clearly she's had the time since she hasn't filmed a movie since Lifetime's "The Darklings" in 1999). And OK,  I see that the book says that she "Interviews Doctors" (so it's not like she's writing off the cuff, thank god because I'm guessing she's no John's Hopkins graduate). But then again, Larry King interviews doctors all the time and he isn't in any rush to pen "Larry King Bites Cancer in the Ass!".

Listen up Suzanne, stick with what you know: the thigh master, working with comic genius John Ritter and lunching with your retired celebrity friends in Palm Springs.

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Andrea Weinfurt said...

Think that's bad? Check out the early poems of Suzanne Somers, as read by Kristin Wiig of SNL fame. It's a youtube gem.