Thursday, October 2, 2008

God Doesn't Care About Dancing

Last night after my 3-hour binge of reality TV (America's Next Top Model, Project Runway
and Top Design) I finished the night with a little E! Entertainment News. In keeping with its journalistic integrity, E!'s first story was the demise of Kim Kardashian from Tuesday's Dancing with the Stars. Cut to a clip of a teary-eyed Kim telling the reporter that "God felt like it was time for me to leave." News flash Kim: God doesn't give a rat's ass about you and the dancing show. The American public decided you should leave because you are annoying, a bad dancer and maybe just a little bit conceited.

I'm not a religious person, but would like to think there is a higher power out there. However, I am always baffled when I watch a frivolous awards show (like the Oscars or the Grammys) and the winner's speech always contains a "shout out" to God. As if he cares whether or not Three Six Mafia win the Oscar for best song or some divine intervention  led Jennifer Hudson to beat out Cate Blanchett in the best supporting actress category. 

Maybe it's just me, but  I'm guessing that if their is a God, he might be concerned with more urgent matters like the crisis in Darfur or conflict in the Middle East. Then again, maybe he's a huge fan of Dancing with the Stars.

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