Wednesday, October 15, 2008

That Age-Old Dilemma: What to Wear?

Next month my hubby and I are attending a rather large and important business/social event in Beverly Hills. Let's just say it is probably the most important event in Tom's career thus far. Naturally, I'm at a loss for what to wear. Obviously I want to go with something that says "classy", and when it comes to social events I've always gone for a "less is more" approach. That being said, I've narrowed it down to a few choices:

This dress debuted at Sonia Rykiel's fall fashion show last month and I've been entranced by it's beauty ever since. Nothing says style more than a giant hairy face on your dress. Of course with my luck I'd spill caviar down the front and it would be a bitch trying to pick out those fish eggs from that nasty weave.

Honestly, any of the above ensembles from "Rock of Love Charm School" would be amazing, but Heather's red dress (held together by some sort of aluminum-foil clip) is pure magic. I can only imagine how proud Tom would be to show me off to his colleagues in that simple smock. Pure arm candy. 

In my opinion, Juliette Lewis has always been one of the more fashion-forward celebrities. I can only imagine the looks of jealously and awe if i were to walk into the soiree wearing these pleather pants, wife-beater (sans bra, of course) and Indian headdress. Add a pair of Jessica Simpson pink patent leather stilettos and I think I've found my look. Tom will be so proud.

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Lisa said...

Juliette Lewis always looks to me like one of those people who smell no matter if they've just gotten out of the shower or not. Some people just never look "clean". Does anybody else know someone like that? They couldn't have cast anyone better in the all time great flick Hysterical Blindness!