Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Many Kinds of Wrong

Call me old fashioned, but this baby doll is really pushing the boundaries of decency. Since when is it cool to give your kids a Dirk Diggler Boogie Nights peeing baby doll that has an erection when a grown man tickles it's tummy? 

In my day, dolls didn't have any orifices below the neck. Their "junk" was nothing more than a smooth plastic no-fly zone. From the hips down, Barbie and Ken were indistinguishable (as it should be).  Of course there was "Baby Alive" which  you could feed fake applesauce and within minutes the doll would promptly crap it out, and yes it was disgusting but in a cool kind of way. Baby Penis Doll however, is just wrong in so many ways. 


Jenni said...

O-o-o-o-h my god! That's seriously disturbing. It's penis moves!!? That's a wee bit too realistic for me.

Martha said...

SO WRONG!! I'm making all my coworkers come to my desk to watch this today. =)