Monday, October 20, 2008

Puff N Stuff (Junior) High

This weekend I was driving  my son and his best friend Nick around when Nick blurted out that "a ton of kids at school smoke pot." Wait. What? "Are you talking about the 8th graders or the 7th graders," I asked. "Oh, the 7th graders" Nick replied. "The 8th graders are all into shrooms." 

OK, Holy shit. I didn't get my first exposure to the Mary J. until I was at least a sophomore in High School. And shrooms? I immediately imagined a school full of 8th graders stumbling along like Zombies and reaching out and grabbing invisible ice cream cones from the sky as they are shrooming their pubescent brains out. 

Nick, by the way is my son's zany, outspoken best friend. He is the complete opposite of my son Daniel, who is quiet and ultra mellow (but not from smoking pot).  If you've ever seen that amazing 80's sit-com "Silver Spoons", Nick is the obnoxious Jason Bateman to Daniel's even-keeled Ricky Schroeder. The boys went on to promise that they aren't part of the "stoner crowd". I know this to be true (for now) considering I pick up my son every day and he comes home and immediately retreats to his room to play video games and electric guitar until homework time. He never has any spare cash and his weekend social life mostly consists of  watching "The Soup" with his mom on Friday Nights. Even so, how much longer before some stoner kid named  Randy offers my sweet innocent son a "J" after school. What will he do next year when his fellow 8th graders decide to shroom on their field trip to Disneyland? Will he make the right decision and, in the words of Nancy Reagan, (who I never listened to growing up) "Just Say No"? Damn those OC stoner kids! Sometimes parenting sucks. Rest assured I will be watching him like a hawk for the next 5 years!

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