Monday, February 16, 2009

Batshit Crazy People are Fun

The one thing the Internet (and the thousands of cable television stations with oodles and oodles of reality TV) has taught me is, that as crazy as I think I am, there is always someone more f-ed up than me.

This lady missed her flight and is a little bummed out about it. I had the same reaction when I ran out of Xanax over the holidays (luckily the house was heavily stocked with some good red wine). Oh, if only she was speaking English - because I really want to know what Utopia she was flying to that made her have a meltdown that rivals a two-year-old when he drops his ice cream cone in the dirt. * Update: Parker's husband just watched this video and said Parker had the exact same reaction in Paris when they missed their connecting flight to NY. I knew there was a reason we are such good friends.

Speaking of Xanax - here's someone who clearly has a never-ending prescription and uses it liberally. I'm sure you've all seen the Jouaquin Phoenix interview by now, but honestly, it never gets old.  Talk about a barrel of laughs, I'm totally inviting him to my next shindig. Personally, I think it's all an act, but who doesn't love to watch a nervous breakdown in action

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