Friday, February 27, 2009

There are No Words just posted the top 10 creepiest commercials of all times - somehow this one only managed to come in at number 4. I'm not sure if this product (called the "Rejuvenique" que classy!) is still available, but lord knows I'd shell out 3 installations of $19.95 if for no other reason than to scare the shit out of my kids. Ella didn't clean her room? The rejuvenique mask oughta do the trick. The patio needs sweeping? Get your ass out there and sweep it kiddos or the mask goes on!

When they come home from school I would sit in a rocker (maybe with some knitting needles) silently rocking back and forth while that freaking mask massaged my face muscles, rendering me younger by the minute - and watch my little monsters run to their rooms and lock the door. This product was clearly the catalyst for the phrase "WTF"? It also makes a great holiday gift for your peri-menopausal girlfriends. 

P.S. Love the warning about not getting "Rejuvenique" wet EVER!!!! Seriously - that's just an invitation for me to take this monster to the beach and see what happens. Will my face melt off? Will I turn into an evil Gremlin. Will I be electrocuted and end up looking like Mickey Rourke?