Wednesday, February 4, 2009

For the Douchebag that Has Everything

Unfortunately Christmas is over, but the Goatee Saver is clearly a great gift for any occasion for the douchebag in your  life. Hey "Goatee Saver," 1993 called and it wants it's look back. Last   time I checked, looking like the lead singer of Color Me Bad was not something to aspire to. Of course "Heather" (classy lady in cut-out  zebra dress who looks like she just swallowed a handful of barbiturates) seems to approve, so maybe I'm just not down with the latest trends. 


Jenn said...

Total cost of commercial, $100.

Didn't I just see this on The Soup?

For the first fifteen seconds when I saw it on the show, I thought they'd made the whole thing up.

Val and Parker said...

Yes I owe the credit for this gem of an ad to "The Soup". I should also play the truck school ad, because that was pure magic.

Jenn said...

That one was unreal! Those commercials were better than the ones at the Superbowl. I wish The Soup would just do a whole show on commercials.