Friday, February 20, 2009

Flash Those Pearly Whites

I've struggled for years to get my son to brush his teeth. Years of calling him "cake teeth" and "butter teeth" never seemed to do the trick (and possibly scarred him for life). He's getting better, but only because I hound him like a prison guard every morning until those teeth are clean.

The Sun recently announced that tooth decay is the third most common reason that children are admitted to the hospital in England. Shocking news, I know. Take this handsome young lad whose mom clearly didn't enforce the tooth brushing rule and probably fed him Mountain Dew and Pop Rocks for every meal since birth. 

I wonder if his mom calls him "coal teeth" or simply"Pebbles"? Had I seen this picture a few years back I would have blown it up poster size and placed it smack square in the center of my son's bathroom mirror with the  words "Brush Your Teeth or Else!" 

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