Sunday, February 8, 2009

Blogging in the Bubble Bath

I just finished cleaning my shower and doing a load of laundry - that kind of excruciationg work calls for a bubble bath. I do a lot of "deep thinking" in the bubble bath, so today I thought I might try to blog via bubble bath. (I know, who do I think I am, Pia Zadora?)

Deep thoughts:

Is it just me or does the mother of the newly-hatched octopluts resemble a "poor-man's" Angelina Joile? Sorry but how is it that you have no job, 14 kids and live in your parents guest house, but clearly can afford collegen lip injections? I just got back my tax return and I'm still debating whether I should re-do my botox from a year and a half ago, or continue to be taken for Phyllis Diller on a bender, because I don't want to fork out $400. If I had 14 kids, lip injections would be the last thing on my mind (what was left of it).

So Michael Phelps smoked some pot. Sorry but big whoop. Give me a call when you find him behind the dumpster of the Roxy on Sunset mainlining cocaine and heroin with Stephen Adler from Guns N Roses, then we can all get on his case. Sheesh, if I had to swim 10 miles every day in a Speedo so tight that it would probably one day render me infertile, I'd probably long for a bong hit too. (Just kidding kids, drugs are Bad).

My husband and I went to Williams Sonoma to buy a stainless steel vegetable slicer (which was basically a rectangular shaped piece of metal with some cut outs for veggie slicing). When the cashier told us "That will be $71.00," I nearly squashed in my pants. By looking at this thing, at best it should have cost $9.99 - ok coming from Williams Sonoma, maybe $24.00, but $71.00??? It doesn't even plug in or have batteries. Who does my sweet cook-of-a husband think he is, Gordon Ramsey? For $71, that little slicer better do the dishes after dinner. After our purchase I took his tiny Williams Sonoma bag and buckled it with a seat belt so it wouldn't be damaged if we crashed (seriously, I did).

My daughter has been saving up her allowance and Christmas money and finally had enough dough to go to Target and purchase the new $230 Apple iPod Touch. (She could have gotten 3 vegatable slicers from Williams Sonoma). Which makes me wonder how at the age of 11, I seemed to get by entertaining myself with a bike, a black and white 9" tv (which only got the three major network stations and a Fox affiliate - cable was unheard of) and a "Lite Brite" which was like the iPod of the late 70's. I predict that her new iPod Touch will be at the bottom of her underwear drawer by early March.



Jenn said...

I don't know WHAT I would do with that kinda money at age 11. Do you know how much MONEY that WAS when I was 11?! I'd probably stick it in the bank till I figured out what I wanted to do with it (or buy a lot of candy or crap at Claires). But I don't think my parents would let me spend all of it at once.

If I suddenly had an extra $230 now, I'd probably pathetically use it to pay extra for my student loans....Well...maybe blow it on a nice dinner with my boyfriend.
But at 11, I didn't have that concept of spending that sum of money. Kids are seriously getting more and more "advanced" and it's kinda scary!
(PS- Lite Brites were AWESOME!!!)

Val and Parker said...

Oh - if she had attempted to spend her (not so) hard earned money at Claire's (or the candy store) I would have put a stop to it immediately. Claire's is the gateway to hell....

Jenn said...

It's sad, because it didn't used to be. I remember back when the Limited Too was full of adorable, age appropriate clothing.

..Although, I DID get my ears pierced at Claire's as a 5th grader and they got infected, so they probably were evil back then, too.