Wednesday, September 10, 2008

E-Mail of the Day: Reality Roundup

From: Parker@Don'

MTV's "Exiled" was totally ridiculous this week. I swear the places these "hard done by" teens go to get easier each week. The last episode will probably have a teen forced to sleep on an Airstream on the beach in Malibu. This week the spoiled teen goes to the Arctic Circle, which while I'm sure is colder than shit, is totally beautiful. They give her plenty of warm clothing, a tent with fur beds and a wood burning stove - all that was missing was hot chocolate and s'mores. I'm thinking the teen that had to sleep in  the 'dung hut' got hosed. The episode ended when she had to learn   her life lesson and ride a bad ass snow mobile alongside a gorgeous reindeer herd. Oh the horror! Sadly, I keep watching it.

To: Parker@Don'
Re: Exiled and Million Dollar Listing!

I too watched some of "Exiled: the Arctic Circle." Personally I would rather roll naked in goat dung than live in sub-zero temperatures, although the snowmobile part did look like fun. 

I watched the season finale of "Million Dollar Douchebags" last night and was more disgusted than ever. Chad made a paltry $165,000 commission by doing nothing more than walking a rich heiress through a Malibu beach house. Wouldn't it be great if they combined the two shows (Million Dollar Listing and Exiled) and forced those a**holes to sell shacks in India or dung huts deep in Africa? Chad's hair would be a shambles.

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