Monday, September 22, 2008

The Fresh Princess of Bel Air

This weekend (for my 39th birthday) my husband Tom treated me to a night at the Bel Air hotel. Yippee, I love staying at fancy hotels and Tom knows I have a weakness for room service and high thread-count sheets. Here are a few highlights from my (not-so) wild birthday night:
  • Making a wrong  turn in Bel Air and ended up literally saying "Holy Shit" with each passing monstrous mansion I passed. (sorry kids). I was tempted to stop at Lionel Richie's castle and ask for directions, but I'm guessing his security wouldn't let my dirty Toyota SUV past his solid gold gate.
  • Checking into arguably one of the nicest hotels in the world, and immediately putting on a pair of ripped sweat pants, crawling under  the covers and turning on the E! channel. 
  • Room service dinner for 3 consisting of  a cup of tortilla soup, children's portion of mac and cheese, a children's cheese pizza and a coke. The cost? A mere $95.00
  • Hoping to see an Olsen twin by the  pool or at the very least Ed McMahon drinking a tumbler of scotch at the bar. Sadly, I have no star sightings to report. 
  • Falling asleep at 9:45 pm  while watching "Dateline". Definitely not like the crazy rum and vodka-filled birthdays of my 20's. 
  • Sitting down to a breakfast (room service of course) of a $20 plate of "Creme Brulee French toast". It was like eating an entire cake dipped in egg batter, fried, covered with caramelized sugar, berries and maple syrup. Arguably the most high-caloric meal I've ever had in one sitting. I felt like I had a carbohydrate-laden brick sitting in my belly for the next 15 hours. So delicious. (Sorry thighs and ass.) 
  • Driving back to the OC, unpacking and taking a 2 hour nap. I was exhausted!

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