Thursday, September 25, 2008

Whatever Project Runway!

Every so often a reality person (or persons) come along that I really loathe. Enter Trista and Ryan and their undying "connection", love, and televised Pepto Bismo pink wedding for which they were paid handsomely. Moving on to Amber and Rob of "Survivor", "All Star Survivor", "Amazing Race" etc. etc... Whatever they could get their faces on they were there.

Next, Omarosa of "The Apprentice" who I hated so much I wanted to fly to NY and smash a Boston Creme Pie in her face in the middle of one of their challenges like a crazed PETA person.

The top of my list would be Heidi and Spencer. Last night they received press for doing charity work at a soup kitchen. Spencer doing charity and pretending to care about any one but himself is truly the epitome of a made-for-TV moment.

Right now I  am loathing Kenley from "Project Runway." She giggles at other contestants' misfortunes, fights and disrespects Tim Gunn (how can you possibly disrespect Tim Gunn?) and thinks everything she touches is gold. Her outfit from last night's show was the most shiteous outfit ever. It was supposed to be  hip hop but was anything but, and still she survives another day. Poor Suede, who I really grew to like in the first or third person, wrongfully was sent home. Of course I am already hooked on the show so I can only hope Kenley doesn't make it to the final three. I may have to fly to Bryant Par and trip her while she struts down the runway.

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