Saturday, September 27, 2008

Goodbye Paul Newman - You Sexy Old Guy

This morning while on the Internet my son asked me if I knew who "Paul Newman" was. I gasped because I knew that the only reason he was asking was that Paul Newman must have died.  I was right. Paul Newman was actually one of my first crushes (him and Rob Lowe). Seriously, look at the above picture. He almost makes George Clooney look homely. Sure, he was 43 when I was born, but no matter, he's always been a hottie old guy and an amazing actor. Even at the age of 7 when I first saw him  portray architect Doug Roberts in the hit disaster-flick "Towering Inferno" I knew he had Mojo. Then again I was also impressed by OJ Simpson's magnetic performance as "Jernigan" the cat-saving security officer in the same flick, and we all know what an upstanding guy he turned out to be. 

When I was 13, Mr. Newman came out with his salad dressing with all the proceeds going to charity and I knew he was special (even if it was a little creepy to crush on someone old enough to be your gramps). And my senior year of High School I saw him and Tom Cruise in "Color of Money". Sure, most girls had a majoh crush on Tom Cruise back in the day - but as far as I was concerned, Tom was a giant dork compared to the sophisticated silent and super cool pool shark, Paul Newman. He also stayed married to the same woman for 50 years. That's hot.

R.I.P.  Doug Roberts. You'll be missed. 

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