Friday, September 26, 2008


Some farmer in Ohio has way too much time on his hands. 


Jenni said...

What. The. Fuck.

I don't know which of you is for whichever person, but I think I'm going to keep my mouth shut on this one.

I lied...

That's just a insane thing to do.

Val and Parker said...

I actually like both McCain and Obama, but will probably vote for Obama. Parker is a major conservative.
Either way - the fact that a farmer would take the time to sculpt a portrait of either candidate (or their VP pick) is totally nuts...

Jenni said...

Seriously, lol, I can't believe someone took the trouble to do something like that period.

I think this election is insane this year. I hate that we're voting for someone because he's the ''lesser of two evils''. When did elections get like this? Have I just been too young to really pay attention or have elections suddenly gotten really bad the past couple of terms?