Friday, May 8, 2009

Idol Is Dead To Me (not really)

Below is an actual excerpt from a texting conversation  between me and Parker on Wed night. (note: Parker lives in Texas and therefore gets to watch Idol a whopping  2 hours before I get the "Live" feed in California).

Parker: "I'm so sad crying right now can't tell  u why"

Val: "Why can't you tell me, cutie? What's wrong????" 

Parker: "No. Too upset"

Val: "Wait - does this have something to do with Idol? Or is it something serious?"

Parker: "It IS Idol. And it is Serious"

Val: "Shit - Allison is going  home, isn't she???"

Parker: "Can't say. Just can't stop crying..... D.W. is actually getting worried about me. I better get my period soon."

The Next day.......

Val: "Are you over the Allison debacle? Jesus, is it the death of Simon LeBon or Allison getting voted off Idol? But you are right - Allison was robbed." 

Parker: "Right now I hate Danny Gokey, his scratchy voice and his stupid glasses."

Val: "Harsh. Do you hate  his deceased wife too?"

Parker: "I think I'm going to go online buy an Allison tee shirt."

Val: "You're a Winner"

Parker: "Total winner"

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