Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Matrix Meets Idol - random thoughts about the finale

  • On Adam's first Song: Hey Adam, "The Matrix" called and they want their look back. Seriously, did you take the "blue pill"? Can you now dodge bullets in slow motion? The coat and dry-ice smoke were a bit much, but the song rocked.
  • Paula accidentally used Randy Jackson's self-tanner. Seriously, next to us with our Nicole Kidman skin she is a completely different race.
  • Wait? Is that Sir Anthony Hopkins in the audience? He looks confused and is clearly thinking "I thought I was going to the Lakers Game."
  • Paula's "80 times stronger than morphine" patch just started to kick in (I gotta get me one of those), she thinks "Aaaddammm is Icooonicccccc" (dribble dribble slur slur) 
  • They just flashed a shot of Katie Holmes and Suri. Umm, Katie this isn't a shelter for abused women and children, lighten up and pretend to have fun for once. And by the way, who brings a 2-year old (even if it is Suri) to American Idol? Unless it's the friggin Wiggles or TeleTubbies on Ice, no 2-year old should ever enter the Nokia Theater. 
  • The final song (co-written by Kara), which I think is called "Climbing Mountains and Swimming through Hurricanes" is a heap of cheesy diarrhea.  Why are the finale Idol songs always about mountains, weather, heaven and the sun rising? Next year I'd love to see the final two belt out a heavy metal thrasher song about riding a motorcycle while high on heroin (during a hurricane).
-Val & Parker 

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