Wednesday, March 10, 2010

American Idol is Killing Me Softly with it's Song

I've been an American Idol fan since season 1 and, as a die-hard couch potato, I will probably continue to watch long after the original hosts are gone and it is a sad hollowed-out shell of a show hosted by Hall & Oates, Samantha Fox and the lead singer from Color Me Bad.

But something is really missing so far this season and I can't quite put my finger on it. I tried to watch last night, I really did. But it was (insert English accent here): "dreadfully boring" to say the least. If I wanted to listen to tortured college aged singers strumming their guitars during open mike night at the local coffee house.....well that would just never happen, but you get the drift. Sure, Crystal Bowersox has some chops and once they give her some ultra white Chiclet teeth she might even have some star power. But, in my humble opinion, there aren't any real power players in the bunch. Ironically, immediately after Idol, Fox played a repeat from last season's "Glee" which made me wonder, "why can't they get someone of that caliber to be on Idol?"

At least last year they had Adam Lambert and Alison Iri-something-or-other, who both could belt out the tunes like they were on fire. Maybe its still too early in the season to tell. Perhaps there is a hidden Lady GaGa or Freddy Mercury somewhere in the bunch. But in the meantime, American Idol is killing me softly with its song(s).

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