Thursday, March 11, 2010

You Give Fat A Bad Name

It's not nice to make fun of overweight people, but this gal (or guy?) is one of the reasons why so many people do. I'm not a psychologist like Gretchen from the Real Housewives (you'll get this if you saw part one of last night's Reunion Show) but I have a few theories about this crazy character in the fishnet onsie:

Theory #1: This sad fashionista was never breast fed or had that oh-so-important bonding time with mom immediately after birth.

Theory #2: She (he?) was one of those desperate-for-attention drama nerds in high school who never got the attention she deserved (or the lead in Godspell!). You know what I'm talking about because every high school had one. Ours actually took a headless mannequin in a tuxedo to prom when she wasn't invited by a real boy. Meanwhile, no one asked me, but I was rational enough to show up and hide out on the 3rd level of the atrium hotel and peak over the balcony every 5 minutes to check out the arrivals and silently hurl insults about their Jessica McClintock dresses. Instead of a mannequin, I brought a bottle of Boonesfarm with a plastic neon curvy straw.

Theory #3: She/He went rogue and quit taking her meds. Lord help me if I stop taking my meds - this could be me in a matter of weeks.

PS - this pic came from . Lord only knows where he got it from.

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