Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lost Boy Indeed....RIP Cory Haim

So I awoke this morning and I must have had a "One of the Corey's is Dead" vibe because I immediately picked up the computer (I usually wait till I've had my first Pepsi or arrive at work before surfing the net) to find that Corey Haim will never be renewing his "The Two Corey's" contract, because alas he is dead. Authorities suspect drugs were involved. You don't say? Also, I love this picture because you know he probably just shot up a shitload of heroin with Judd Nelson right before it was taken

Obviously the first thing I did was run like a bat out of hell to get my Blackberry and text Parker. For those of you who don't know, we have an ongoing competition to out-scoop each other on celebrity deaths. I totally nailed her with Brittany Murphy, but unfortunately she scooped me by a whopping 5 minutes with the Corey Haim death. In all fairness she is 2 hours ahead in Dallas, so I deserve some kind of handicap for the time difference, and if anything, we should call this one a draw. Yet another reason why we are going to hell.

Now back to Corey and his staggering genius of work: Of course he will always be remembered for Lost Boys, which was the "Twilight" of my generation. But I'm more partial to his lighthearted role in "License to Drive", which also starred a young Heather Graham. Crap, I watched that movie probably 6 times on cable over the years, so maybe his death is Karma for the 12 hours of life he took away from me. Ok, I may have gone a bit too far with that last sentence - OD's are never really funny.

Of course we all know what the "Death of Corey #1" (or is he #2?) means: The other Corey (the one who always had greasy long hair, no upper lip and dressed like Michael Jackson for a good 7 years during the late 80's and 90's) is going to come out of the woodwork and work this publicity harder than Heidi and Spencer. I expect to see him on "The Insider" panel tonight (in Micheal Jackson leather garb and one sparkly glove) with a crocodile tear and harrowing stories of his days with Haim and how "He Tried to Save Him." Ironically, "How He Tried to Save Him" will also be the headline on the next "In Touch", "People" and "US" magazine with a pic of the two in their Lost Boys garb. Obviously, I'll totally scoop up those rag magazines and maybe shed a tear or two for losing another 1980's memory.

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